About Me


You know those articles you see popping up on Facebook about things no one really cares about, but exist because you were probably targeted as someone who might be the type of person to be interested in this sort of thing? Yep, that’s the stuff I do (sorry, not sorry).

I’ve been able to wing my way into one of those still-to-be-defined career choices: a loosely described profession in content development. This spans across a variety of things, from creating a digital strategy for all your online communications to developing social media campaigns and guest blogging.

A little background: my career began as an intern at various fashion magazines in the biggest cities I could locate myself: New York and London. With a brimming book I decided to experiment with social media, offering editorial direction in new forms of communication. I entered the agency world in 2013 when the term “content marketing” took off, and graduated to developing cross-channel content strategies for large companies, working with UX designers and web developers on new web designs and concepts.

Today I’m a freelance consultant for a mix of all your digital communication needs, so get in touch with me and let’s see how we can help each other out.