How to be a Tourist in Your Local City

Isn’t it funny how we always bitch about tourists coming in and disturbing our weekends, yet we’d do the exact same thing in a foreign environment?

We spend our entire lives living in some of the most fantastic places, yet just because we’re from there we seem to be automatically turned off from some of the greatest cites our city offers.

The good thing about having friends from abroad is that they’d force you to do all those cringy tourist-y things you’d never be caught dead doing on a normal day.

So what do you do in Toronto? Obviously visit the CN tower. We even did theย Edgewalkย – which is actually more terrifying than I would have thought. You used to laugh at those fools in Orange, but now it’s kind of chic thanks to Orange Is The New Black. Like, you wanna take a selfie while hanging off the edge. Perfect new Tinder profile pic. Especially with another chick (because it’ll look like I’ve got cool hip friends and am totally normal and not at all psycho).

This used to be the highest tower like, in the world, but it’s now like sixth or something. Regardless, it’s still a fantastic sight. We might enjoy our patios on ground level here, but there’s nothing like the highest point in the six. And what’s higher than literally in the sky? We jumped on a ferry for the shortest, most extravagant water ride, ever, to Porter Airport for an 8-minute helicopter ride around the city.

As a Toronto native I’m embarrassed to say it took me 26 years of my life to finally visit the Toronto Islands. At least my first time wasn’t for nothing – I went exclusively to see Nas perform at Bestival, and he didn’t disappoint.ย The journey from the city to the island was a bit of an unnecessary mission just for some live music, but hey, it’s summer and everyone’s in a good mood.


Of course, we couldn’t get away without hitting a Blue Jays game. Although I’m not a big fan of the sport itself, I was moderately entertained by all the sponsored quizzes and games featured on the big screens. Since it was focused around Father’s Day too, there was more than enough cringe-worthy content to flood the Internet.

Thankfully that wraps up the gist of cheesy things to do in Toronto. Now that I’ve crossed that off my list I can go back to planning more dumb touristy things to do in other people’s cities without feeling any guilt whatsoever… cause I done it here too.

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