How To Market To Parents On Social Media

So we know a lot about that hot and sexy 20-something Millennial every brand is trying to reach, but let’s take a minute to think about some other adults that carry quite a bit of clout… Parents.

Are parents on social? Do they do anything else besides embarrass their teenage kids with the most awkward Facebook posts? Well, Facebook IQ set out to find us some answers in their global study, Meet The Parents.

The key takeaway? Globally, parents are more likely to use Facebook when making family-purchase decisions – they’re 7X as likely than either parenting websites or magazines. And what about the new age of stroller-moms? More than half of Millennial Moms (56% to be exact) follow businesses on Instagram.

So how do you market to Parents with social media? There are two main things I see:

Parents are unsure if they’re doing it right

With the world changing literally every second, it’s hard to commit to a decision and stick to it. Especially if you’ve got a barely walking infant hacking into your iPhone to play Pokemon Go and telling you which brand of diapers is more socially aware.

Kids are becoming super influential in purchase decisions, making it really difficult for parents to keep their role as authoritative decision-maker of all decision. Over 50% of parents globally say their child has more impact on purchasing decisions than they did in their family growing up,  and 50% believe they listen to their child more than their parents listened to them.

Help parents feel confident in making the right decisions for their family. As a brand, you should be able to emphasize with their struggle, make them feel like you get them, and you’ll have their loyalty.

Parents don’t just want to be parents

As a single individual, you only cared about yourself – now you’ve got to think about the family. But that doesn’t mean you stop thinking about yourself.

38% of parents say their family is at its best when they are at their best. What does that mean for you as a business? You’ve got an opportunity to appeal to parents by giving them an out – something that they as an individual can connect with, and thus empowering them to be the parent and person they aspire to be.

We all like to believe that being married doesn’t mean you stop being your own person, and thus becoming a parent doesn’t mean you stop being a person.

Basically, parent or not, it’s clear that social media can influence decisions for all people simply by connecting to them and appealing to them in an authentic way.

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