What It’s Like To Go To Facebook Blueprint Live

Today I joined about 30 other agency professionals in a Facebook Blueprint Live working session. Ten peeps came from my agency, and a whole bunch of others around town joined us for this full-day training session.

Being the type of person that learns better with an instructor standing at the front of the class with interactive sessions rather than going through a series of eLearning modules, I was pretty excited to attend.

The training session included breakfast and lunch, and we were instantly separated into groups of 5-6 with a mock brief. We went through a series of education about Facebook capabilities and dived in to applying those learnings to our specific brief. It was a great way to instantly take what we hear and put it into action.

The main thing to note is that Facebook is a social media network with real people – meaning there are real people that you can target, reach, and communicate with. They’re not just a bunch of numbers or nicknames, they are real people with demographic information, from age, gender, where they live, what jobs they have, to what they’re interested in. This is the real power of Facebook.

Being in a room full of media folk, it was obvious that there would be a lot of information about targeting on the channel, bidding options, and how to measure results. All the good hearty stuff I was hoping to learn more about. I felt like there was no attention being paid to creative, so I did my best to offer some direction on adapting creative through each phase of our campaign to make our stuff relevant to our target groups.

Funnily enough, my team ended up being the winning group (out of 8). I thought we had lots of gaps, but I guess the other teams had more gaps. The feedback generally said we won because we hit bang-on “all around” from objective, targets, ad formats to measurement. If anything, I got a thorough recap of everything that Facebook has to offer, and I feel pretty confident in knowing that I’m doing things right.

Although the course gave me exactly what I wanted, I thought it was a bit weak on the creative side. There was a whole section on best practices for creative execution, but nothing to help creatives find an idea that would do well on social. A lot of it was about how to adapt existing creative to fit the platform. Speaking with the reps at Facebook, they revealed that globally creative teams aren’t interested in social media. However, they’re opening up the Facebook Creative Hub, which might get those creative juices flowing with a social-first frame of mind.

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